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PBS Teacherline

PBS Teacherline is a great recource. If you go to resources and click on reading/language arts you can find some great daily lesson plans, puzzles, worksheets, and many more activities. There are also links for other subject areas.

Discovery Education

A wonderful rescource for lesson plans and ideas. Has a great puzzle maker, you can make cross-word puzzles and word searches, and it will do all the work for you! They have a lesson plan library and a clip art gallery!


Great rescource for adding technology to lesson plans. Has great links including literature ladders!


Writing DEN is a great way to incorporate technology into your writing lessons. They have levels of study for learning words, sentences, and paragraphs to learn how to develop writing skills. Activities for grades 4-12.

Awesome resource for Shakespeare

This site is a Teacher Vision site and has links and information on lesson plan ideas, literature guides and much more.

Internet 4 Classrooms

This site is all about helping teachers use the internet. It goes through office applications and power point as well as ways to integrate them into your class.

Education World Templates

Education world rocks! But this specific part of it is for templates for award certificates, ice breakers, goals, organizers, and more.

The Educator's Reference Desk

Great for teachers. Gives lesson plans, interdisciplinary ideas. A guide for writing a lesson plan and more.You could use this site for ideas with a teacher from another discipline and how to connect your students work.

Read Write Think

For educators and students it provides information on reading, writing, and language arts. Has state standards and lesson plans. This is a good site for reading strategies to use with students. It also has a list of materials that students can use. It supports literacy in the classroom.

Fun brain

This site has games for students K-8. It is a good site for students and teachers and a way to make your lessons fun. This is a site for students to practice their learning and ideas in a fun way. It makes learning fun and seem more like a game. You could use your school’s library and have all your students do a game in class and then assign practice games for homework.


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