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The Writing Process
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      "I hate to write!"             "I'm no good at writing!"
 "I'm never going to get this!"            "I just can't do it!"

If this is how you feel when it is time to write a paper then read on for help on how to write a good paper and ideas on how to get creative


The Process Begins

Where Do I Start?


Ok you have been given a writing assignment, first things first, take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. You can do this you just don’t know it yet.


Ask yourself a couple of questions:

What is my topic?

What do I like about this topic?

How can I make this topic interesting?

Is there a question I have to answer?

Is there something I am trying to prove or disprove?


Time to brainstorm! There are many ways to put your ideas down and here are a few of them:

  • Observe what goes on around you
  • Journaling: write it down!
  • Hypothesize
  • Question your ideas
  • Put into categories
  • List possible ideas
  • Free write: write as much as you can on the topic that interests you for 2 minutes and see what you come up with

 Time to Organize!! Now that you have some ideas on what you want to say it’s time to make your outline and then begin to write!!


Think of your paper as a sandwich:


Introduction: the top bun, this is how you will grab the attention


1st body paragraph: the lettuce, this is where you will give your first point


2nd body paragraph: the tomato, this is your second point


3rd body paragraph: the meat, this is your final point and the strongest


Conclusion: the bottom bun, this is what holds it all together



Pick your 3 major points and how you will support them. Come up with a catchy idea to grab the reader’s attention. Finally, write up your thesis statement.



It’s all about what you first see. The first thing you look at when you get a sandwich is the top bun. It has to look appealing or you will not want to continue eating. So with your introduction, you want to grab your reader’s attention so that they want to read the rest of your paper. You can do this by using:

  • A startling fact
  • An interesting quote
  • A catchy story
  • Image inspiring words

So once you have your attention grabber you want to add some background information. If you are writing about a certain book or story than this is where you want to put the name of the book, and the author’s name. Finally you want to conclude with your thesis statement.


Thesis: this is the final statement in your introduction where you will state what you will be talking about and why, as well as your 3 supports.


1st Body Paragraph

So now you are going to begin with your first statement. (Remember you want to save your most important support statement for your 3rd body paragraph). You start out with a topic sentence explaining what your support point is. Then your next 3 sentences are your supporting point of your topic sentence. Then your final statement is your transition into the next paragraph.


2nd Body Paragraph

This is set up just like the first. You have your topic sentence, your 3 supports and then your transition into your final support.


3rd Body Paragraph

This is your final support and therefore, your most important. You again have your topic statement and your support for it. Then you conclude with a thoughtful statement leading to your conclusion.



This is the end. The last paragraph is where you will restate what you said you would talk about in the introduction. You want to restate your ideas, but in different words. Then you want to end on a statement that will leave your reader thinking about your topic.


To wrap up your paper, read over it for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Then congratulate your self on a job well done!!



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