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This is a page for students to use to gain knowledge! Helpful links and literary excitement!

Victorian Web

Wonderful page on Victorian period. Notes on Victorian authors and books of the time!

American Literature list

Government website on American Literature

Literary Encylopedia

The Literary Encyclopedia: This resource provides the first 600 words of an article for free; users must pay to see the rest. It includes biographical essays written by literature scholars; it also has a feature that permits visitors to create a timeline.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

This site can help you with all aspects of English. From MLA formatting to the writing procees, how to avoid plagarism, developing an outline, and much much more!

Clip Art Castle

This site has free graphics, clip art, animations, and puts everything into categories to make searching easier.

Power Point in the classroom

This site goes step by step through how to make a power point and what you might use one for.

This site has over 9 million downloadable images.