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Greek Mythology Project

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Greek Mythology Project


We are starting a new unit on Greek mythology today. You will all be doing a project on a Greek God or Goddess. Your job is to research the God you are assigned and find out what their story/myth is. You will have a list of questions that needs to be answered and you will be writing a paper to show what you have learned. This project is two parts. The first part is the paper you will be writing, the second part is a web/family tree you will be designing and presenting to the class. (We will be learning about that next Tuesday). You will have two full class periods to research and one day to start writing your rough draft. All the dates for the project are on your itinerary. You will be given 3 websites to look at for information and you will also be able to use other sources you find. But remember to make sure your source is a reliable one.

Here you will find all the information for your project as well as the links for websites.

An Introduction to Greek myths Power Point






Myth is clearly stated

The myth is clearly explained and shows a thorough understanding of the God/Goddess.

The myth is explained, but it only states the bare facts.

The myth is referenced but not explained.

The myth isn’t correct or explained.

All questions are answered.

All the questions are answered and done in a creative way that flows together.

Questions are all answered but not in a way that transitions from one to another.

Most of the questions were answered.

Only a few or none of the questions were answered.


Citations are done properly and there is no plagiarism.

Most citations are done correctly with 1-2 mistakes.

Citations are not in proper format.

Plagiarism will result in failure of project and disciplinary action.


Paper is free of grammatical and punctuation errors

Paper has 1-2 errors per page

Paper has 3-4 errors per page

Paper is full of punctuation and grammar errors


Paper shows students understood the material and took it to the next level of development

Paper shows understanding but doesn’t do anything extra

Paper does not do anything but regurgitate facts.

Paper is uncreative and has nothing to do with topic

Download student handout and rubric here

Questions to be answered on your God/Goddess

1. Who is your God/Goddess?
2. What is their myth or myths?
3. Who are their parents?
4. Was your God one of the Twelve Olympians?
5. Who interacted with your God?
6. What were their responsibilities?
7. What did they do for humans?
8. Did they affect any specific human lives?
9. In what way did they affect human lives?
10. Were they grouped with any other Gods for anything?
11. Did they have problems with any other Gods?
12. Is there anything else important about your God?

Download questions here

Use the following links to begin your research!


Myth Web's Encyclopedia

Theoi Greek Mythology



Tuesday March 25, 2008
~An introduction to Greek mythology
~Assign Gods and Goddesses
~Go over project

Wednesday March 26, 2008
~Research Day

Thursday March 27, 2008
~Research Day

Friday March 28, 2008
~Class time to put together rough draft of paper
~Weekend homework to finish paper

Monday March 31, 2008
~Paper Due

Tuesday April 1, 2008
~Lesson on making a web to go with your project
~Learn what a web/family tree is
~Start making webs

Wednesday April 2, 2008
~Finish up webs
~Ask any questions

Thursday April 3, 2008
~Presentation Day
~Everyone's is due today

Friday April 4, 2008
~Presentation Day

How do I do it?

When you are writing a paper you have to cite where your facts came from. If it is not your words, thoughts, or feelings, then you had to get it form somewhere and you must give credit to the person who did come up with it.
In English we use MLA citation.

The OWL at Purdue Writing Lab

The OWL at Purdue is a great website to learn citation. When you get to the website there is a box in the upper right corner. Type in "MLA" and enter. Then click on the first thing that comes up which will be the "MLA formatting and style guide." The beginning will tell you all about citation in MLA style. then at the bottom the gray box has links to different things you might need to cite such as books, web documents, articles, and in-text citation examples.


Easy Bib is a website you can use to do the work for you. You still need to know all the information needed for citation however once you enter it into the cite it will make the citation for you.

Click here to download How To Cite Document